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Below you can find a list of the bigger Dynamics Axapta 4.0 tasks that I have carried out for both Danish and foreign companies.

Reports in Power BI at AX2009
Development and use of AX business logic to form the basis for data used in Power BI. Normally you create the logic in Power BI, but here calculations etc. are made in AX so that they do not have to be coded again outside AX.

Production module commissioning
Support for commissioning a new production company. Full analysis, customizations, training and commissioning.

Integration to Visma IMS invoice flow on AX2009
Transfer of chart of accounts, VAT codes and creditors to invoice flow and import of approved invoices in AX. Next, handling of payments so that payment proposals can be created and subsequent payment files to the bank.

Intrastat integration
Implementation of intrastat files in a new format for AX2009. The file contains both goods export and import transactions.

Integration to Acubiz
Full integration to Acubiz in AX2009.

Management of consignment stock
Management of customer-owned inventory so that it does not affect inventory value in AX. In addition, various reports and options to view customer inventories.

Upgrade to SQL2019 and Windows2019 on AX2009
Review of integrations, installation of SQL2019 database, upgrade of database to SQL 2019, customization of AX integrations and testing against win2019 completed. Can in many cases provide noticeable performance improvements and also solve security issues. Windows 2022 will also be an option.

New accounting law with SAF-T
Preparing axapta for new requirements within the standard chart of accounts and SAF-T in Denmark, which will soon become mandatory. Mapping between the standard chart of accounts and your own chart of accounts will be possible. There will be a complete export directly in Axapta, which forms XML that can be loaded directly at the Danish Business Authority.

CO2 calculation
Incorporate CO2 into pricing so that CO2 footprint can be calculated on bills of materials and with decomposition

SAF T financial solution for Axapta 4.0
Solution for integration with the Norwegian Tax Directorate via SAF-T XML format
Fixed price on EUR 5.000 and further 1-2 consulting days.

Upgrading from Axapta 2.5 to Dynamics AX4.0
Upgrading of customisations and commissioning support for a group with seven subsidiary companies. The upgrading of the accounting was completed over a four month period.

Commissioning assistance for Axapta 4.0
Customisation for a new Dynamics AX4.0 installation and help to convert data from Concorde XAL.

Electronic invoicing with OIOXML for Dynamics AX 4 via AIF
Fixes so the standard application worked.

Integration to IMS invoice flow in Axapta 4.0
Transfer of creditors, dimensions and financial accounts to invoice flow together with import of approved invoices and postings.