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Below you can find a list of the bigger Dynamics Axapta 2.5 tasks that I have carried out for both Danish and foreign companies.

New reports in PowerBI
Development and sparring around new reports in Power BI.

SAF T financial solution for Axapta 2.5
Solution for integration with the Norwegian Tax Directorate via SAF-T XML format
Fixed price on EUR 5.000 and further 1-2 consulting days.

Integration to Axacon WMS system for AXAPTA 2.5
Development of a complete integration to Axacon WMS for a manufacturing company.

Electronic invoicing with OIOXML and OIOUBL for Axapta 2.5 and 3.0
Programming and implementation of OIOXML for electronic invoicing.

Performance optimisation of AX 2.5
Performance optimisation of balance sheet report which previously took 2 hours, so it instead took 20 seconds per report in a database with 10,000,000 financial records.

Electronic invoicing with EDIFACT in AX2.5
Implementation of EDIFACT for Danish manufacturing company.

Integration to voice picking storage system Logmaster
Analysis and programming of integration between Axapta 2.5 and Logmaster via XML file exchange.

Maintenance and optimisation of integration between Axapta and Baan
Large-scale and complex integration between Axapta 2.5 (later upgraded to Dynamics AX 4.0) and Baan. The Baan warehousing system is here used from Axapta on certain accounts.

SEPA Integration to AXAPTA 2.5
Bank integration with option of SEPA ISO20022 XML format for payments.

Integration to Basware in Axapta 2.5
Transfer of creditors, dimensions and financial accounts to Basware together with import of approved invoices and postings.

Integration to Relex inventory planning in Axapta 2.5
Analysis and programming of export of inventory master data to Relex system and import of purchases.

Customisations for handling private label in Axapta 2.5
Handling packaging orders at the supplier with status and approval flow.

Integration to Skanlog storage hotel in Axapta 2.5
Handling of inbound, outbound and counting via XML integration.

Upgrade to SQL2019 and Windows2019 on old Axapta 2.5

Review of integrations, installation of SQL2019 database, upgrade of database to SQL 2019, adaptation of Axapta integrations and testing against windows 2019 completed. Has given noticeable performance improvements and, in addition, significantly better security with windows 2019.