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On this page you’ll find a list of the big tasks I have solved as a freelancer.

Upgrading from 2.5 to Axapta Dynamics AX4.0
A group with 7 subsidiaries to help upgrade the adjustments and go-live support. We upgraded one company at a time over a 4-month period.

Go-live support for Dynamics AX4.0
Development for a new Dynamics AX4.0 installation and help with converting data from Concorde XAL.
Electronic invoicing with OIOXML on Dynamics AX 4.0 through AIF
Errors Corrections as the standard application works.
Conversion, go-live and ongoing programming
Norwegian service bureau with approximately 100 companies within Axapta 3.0 got go-live support with conversion of data as well as consultancy and programming tasks. Furthermore programming of integration to SharePoint.
Upgrade from Axapta 2.1 to 3.0
Solo upgrade consisting of analysis, upgrade program modifications, data conversion and go-live support.
Go-live support
Large Danish industrial group got help to make adjustments in Axapta 3.0 in connection with buying of German company.
Electronic billing with OIOXML in Axapta 2.1, 3.0
Programming and implementation of OIOXML for electronic invoicing.
Performance Optimization Axapta 2.5
Performance optimization of the balance report which previously took 2 hours to execute and now 20 seconds per report on a database that contained 10.000.000 ledger transactions.
Word integration
Integration of quotation report with Word in Axapta 3.0, so quotations are created from a word template. Users can then make flexible designs themselves.
Axapta integration to site
Course centre have made integration to its site from Axapta 3.0, so that course plans and text can be transmitted automatically via FTP. Furthermore it automatically loads course enrolments from the site into Axapta..
Electronic invoicing with EDIFACT in Axapta 2.5
Implementation of EDIFACT in Danish production company.
Integration with voice picking storage system Logmaster
Analysis and programming of integration between Axapta 2.5 and Logmaster via XML file exchange.
Maintenance and optimization of integration between Axapta and Baan
Large and complex integration between Axapta 2.5 (later upgraded to Dynamics AX 4.0) and Baan. Here is Baan's storage system used by Axapta in some of the companies.
Converting data from Concorde XAL for SAP
Large project with a huge XAL installation consisting 300 users where data should be converted into SAP. Participation in analytical work and programming of extraction from the XAL so they could be directly loaded into SAP.
Performance Optimization Axapta 3.0
Production company with several subsidiaries where a few heavy jobs where significantly optimized through corrections in the application.
Development of economy and management reports
Development of flexible reports to analyze data for use at management. This could replace a solution with the use of business intelligence tools.

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